Cactus Arizona


Raaawr! Yes, I rarely work on sexy images but my friend Jyotsana was all down for it and even helped with an idea for the pose which I thank her for. It was a very fun shot and it is nice to sometimes walk out of my usual way.

In this blog post, I sported the awesome Vale Koer Underwear.Hell, it looks like it has been sewed over our bodies! It fits PERFECTLY! Jyotsana is wearing the Maitreya version and I’m wearing the Hourglass version. On the Maitreya version there were some glitches in this position, some pieces were stuck in Jyo’s body but the hourglass one is just flawless ! I got crazy on these and jumped on the Fatpack . It comes with an awesome hud :

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

I love that with the hud you can select different colors for the bra, panties, the straps and even the strap lines. You just need to select all if you want one color to apply to the entire outfit, or click the part you’d like and then the prefered texture. The edging are a bit hard to select however, or perhaps it’s just me haha. Anyway, it can fit any tastes and it will make you look like a Goddess !

In the post I am also featuring Ivy skin fromL’Etre. The make up options are sold separately. The appliers looks so real and so delicate ! The tan complexions looks amazing! I’m usually annoyed to see that most mixed or tan skin appliers look grey or orange, and was just originally made for paler tones. And L’Etre never failed me on that side! David is really skilled with working on the ethnicity! Thank you for that !

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Cactus Arizona


❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling (Left) :

Body :

⇢ Mesh Head : HEAD Gwen by CATWA
⇢ Appliers : Ivy Skin [Chocolata Tone] by L’Etre
⇢ Eyeshadow : Ivy Eyeshadow [#1] by L’Etre
⇢ Hair : Tonic – Landslide by little bones.
⇢ Eyes : Mesh Eyes [#30] by L’Etre
⇢ Body : Physique Hourglass Mesh Body by Slink

Outfit :

⇢ Underwear : ESSENTIAL Underwear by [VALE KOER]

Pose : Aaisling Resident


❆ Decor ❆ :

⇢ Photography background [#4] by L’Etre
⇢ potted neon cactii by floorplan. 

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