Synthetic Poetry

So I have decided to take a step and allow myself the babbling. “Good Lord” you think, and you’re right. The Beast is not unleashed !

I am surprisingly to some an introvert which kinda goes in contradiction to what’s expected from a blogger. So, here I am making my baby steps in the field. I looked at my blog and realized that I have been blogging for a Year and half (Almost!) and I mostly focused on the Photography/Art aspect of blogging. I did so in a very selfish way; forgetting or misunderstanding the main purpose of a Blog.

You readers are here to be inspired by the pictures and stylings but also I imagine that a thorough opinion and feed back about the products displayed, to have a better opinion.

The other reason why I never really jumped into descriptive and more personal texts is also because English is not my mother language as some of you might know now if they have read my coming out. Anyway, so far I stayed rather vague and I promise from now on I’ll try my best to be more open with you guys !


Synthetic Poetry

This round I have been added to Epiphany which is a bi-monthly event which is growing bigger and bigger every round. I love their website and the fact that they put up a very detailed Shopping Guide . A lot of new brands have join the Team for our enjoyement. In this picture, I sport Cureless. I am often loving their items, even if I fail at working with the ” spooky” style. Everytime I try, it just end up being some sort of cute which is why  I admire and totally fangirl Kaorinette. She has a very unique Art style and noticable face. Everything I am working for to achieve. This gacha is called Synthetic Angels and comes in several colors but since a while I noticed that I am more inclined to wearing very pale colors or pure white. Cureless is known to somehow give a very singular sense of beauty, diformed, abnormal and that is the main reason why I love this store so much. In this blog post, I tried to take that particularity and put my own print. I paired it with the Vale Koer – Haute couture mask which was a limited item for Project limited (Thank you,Bob ♥ ) . It comes with an awesome Hud that allows you to choose color but also the Projector light effect on the diamonds, which is just brilliant.

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

I practiced my depth of field and level of intensity so that the mask and synthetic limbs would stand out more. It’s also incredible how the Dead Dollz bodysuit available at We <3 Role-play fits perfectly the theme.  Anyway, I hope I inspired you guys and you did not fell asleep halfway !

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling (Female) :

Body :

⇢ Skin : Rei Skin Vampy by The Sugar Garden
⇢ Cyber marks : Synthetic Angels / Transangelism / RARE by CURELESS NEW @ The Epiphany
⇢ Hands : Synthetic Angels / Gevurah Hands / RARE by CURELESS NEW @ The Epiphany
⇢ Body : Mesh Body- Lara by Maitreya

Accessories :

⇢ Halo : Synthetic Angels / Seraph Halo / PURE by CURELESS NEW @ The Epiphany

Outfit :

⇢ Latex Suit : Synthetic Angels / Virtue Outfit / PURE by CURELESS NEW @ The Epiphany
⇢ Body Suit : Ripley – White by .::Dead Dollz::. NEW @ We <3 Role-Play
⇢ Boots : Z-1 AntiGrav Boots White 3.1 by [NeurolaB Inc.]

Pose : Aaisling Resident

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