Sweet Invader


The Sugar Garden has totally nailed it again this round at The Kawai Project. She has that skill to make you indecently cute. This Invader Princess gacha is nerdy, fresh, kinky and totally fun! Of course, as it is Sugar garden it mostly come in Black, white and pink which are the main color scheme for the brand. The gacha is 50L per pull. You have sheer versions, which are the rares like the one I’m wearing, and the full opaque commons. It fits marvelously the SLink Hourglass body too! 

<br/><a href="https://i2.wp.com/oi64.tinypic.com/faxz6x.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Can we take a minute to talk about this body? I am still morning my Belleza and wish more Designers would create around the Belleza (*wink wink to Designers and to Belleza team*) but I have to admit I’m quite in love with the Hourglass, it allows those of us who enjoy curvy shapes and it just flawless. Alike his elder, the Physique body, this one also has a hud to allow you to play with layers, tattoos, mask and alphas.

<br/><a href="https://i1.wp.com/oi66.tinypic.com/2vvuiiq.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

What’s funny is that I took a break a whiiile back, before the Mesh was cool and by that time they had released a free Mesh pant. You remember those  plain templates that were giving out to help people get their mind wrapped around the new revolution? I was all like ” Ewww, I will never wear mesh!”, now I cannot remember my life without it. It makes everything so much easier for us photographers and bloggers. The curves and lines are flawless and way more realistic.

Like, look at the mesh mouth from The Sugar garden? It is absolute cuteness, I love how it’s full. She recently released this skin  + mouth combo in all her skin tones!

<br/><a href="https://i0.wp.com/oi68.tinypic.com/wtu4yd.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

I wish she will consider making them in her fantasy complexions because I’m literally in love with all of them! I hope she will do more mesh mouths because she is talented at making heads and mouths. I also kinda hope she will deliver a Designer kit for these and allow people to create appliers to match other skins too! Hey let’s hope!



Sweet Invader

I also would like to thank Sugar Cream who recently opened her store [sue cream] and who made the glutony in me super happy with these delicate treats. This gacha  looksvery tempting and can be found in the mainstore for 60L/pull. I am looking forward to seeing more of her.

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling (Female) :

Body :

⇢ Skin : Rei Skin Vampy by The Sugar Garden
⇢ Mouth : Rei Mesh Lips Vampy Parted by The Sugar Garden
⇢ Eyes : Circle Lens – Pink Princess by The Sugar Garden
⇢ Eyeliner : Lucy Eyeline _ Black by VCO
⇢ Hair : Vacation by Doe NEW @ The Epiphany
⇢ Body : Physique Mesh Body Hourglass by Slink

Accessories :

⇢ Gloves : CyberGloves – White by The Sugar Garden NEW @ The Kawai Project
⇢ Helmet : .tsg. Invader Princess Helmet by The Sugar Garden NEW @ The Kawai Project
⇢ Gun : Invader Princess Raygun by The Sugar Garden NEW @ The Kawai Project
⇢ Shawl : + Moon Princess Shawl White + by {aii} NEW @ The Kawai Project

⇢ Nipples Pasties :Candy Cross pasties by  Sweet Thing.

Outfit :

⇢ Suit : CyberSuit – Clear White by The Sugar Garden NEW @ The Kawai Project
⇢ Shoes : CyberBoots by The Sugar Garden NEW @ The Kawai Project

Pose : Aaisling Resident
Decor :

⇢ sweet sakura macaron gacha – sakura yellow by [sue cream] NEW
⇢ sweet sakura macaron gacha – sakura pink [sue cream] NEW
⇢ sweet sakura macaron gacha – sakura candy[sue cream] NEW
⇢ sweet sakura macaron gacha – sakura box rare [sue cream]] NEW
⇢ sweet sakura macaron gacha – macaron [sue cream] NEW

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