Sakura Poetry

A HUUUGE thank you to the lovely Skye for posing with me. I met this little chipmunk and she is a tiny piece of sunshine! I also shall thank offbeat for this amazing dress. I fell for it since I saw it and it’s sure a keeper! The theme at SaNaRae and The Kawaii Project surely compliments each other and they will allow all of you cuties and pink lovers to make awesome stylings! The Cherry blossom (sakura) is one of my favorite flowers, they have perfect color and perfect petals ! This new skin from more more, I can’t have enough, I am in looooove with it and I’m very very picky in terms of skins, even though I change a lot haha.I could not decide between the closer version and the more global, so I decided to mix both of them! Hope you like it ♥

Sugary kisses ~♥

Sakura Fever

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling :

Body :

⇢ Skin : cindy Skin tone SET by { more more } NEW @ SaNaRae
⇢ Mesh lips : cindy – Mesh Lip SET by { more more } NEW @ SaNaRae
⇢ Eyes : Eye Collection #20 by AMITOMO.
⇢ Hair : Suzu_Bento by [taketomi] NEW
⇢ Tattoos : Magnolia Tourmaline by CURELESS [+]
⇢ Body : Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
⇢ Hands : Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Gesture by Slink
⇢ Nails : Square Nail – Hime Pink by .tsg.

Accessories :

⇢ Sakura hairpin : sakura hairpins/clips .light pink by ALTAIR*
⇢ Cherry blossom hairpin & choker: cherry blossom set .pink. by ALTAIR* NEW @ The Kawaii Project
⇢ Headband : Need me band / baby pink by 2PM.
⇢ Leg straps : Heart Harness by #EMPIRE NEW @ The Kawaii Project

Outfit :

⇢ Dress : Blossom time : sakura dress rare* by . offbeat . NEW @ SaNaRae

Pose : Aaisling Resident

On Skye :

Body :

⇢ Hair : 65(anime) by  *barberyumyum*

Accessories :

⇢ Hairbow : Ribbon headband SMALL : 03 by (MORAN)
⇢ Headflowers : Pimflette Elegance by . a i s l i n g .
⇢ Collar : {Charlotte Collar} by .Atomic.

Outfit :

⇢ Romper : Frilly Romper – Bubblegum by ~Dream.
⇢ Shoes : Bebe Flops – Bubblegum by [LU] NEW @ The Play Room

Pose : Aaisling Resident

❆ Decor ❆ :

⇢ Sakura Petals – Big Group – Pink by +Half-Deer+ NEW @ The Kawaii Project
⇢ Xiong Mao / Panda – I’m on a Boat! by +Half-Deer+
⇢ Sakura arrangement by *:..Silvery K..:* – edited NEW @ SaNaRae
⇢ Water cut square by Skye
⇢ River bed (deep) by Skye
⇢ Tangled Cherry Arch by Skye

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